“The Gallowgate Shots Podcast” – Recording Starts

So after months of planning and taking the wrong routes when reaching a fork in the road on numerous occasions it’s finally here.

Tomorrow sees the first recording of “The GallowgateShots Podcast” , and for the show to be a success we need you all to be involved.

Throughout the show we will be reading out your tweets regarding the topics of discussions being mentioned during the recording.
The best way to contact the show is by using the hashtag #ShotsCast , using the tag will help us group all your views, questions and points together in one place and give your the best chance of your tweet being used.
We expect a few more bumps in the road in the first initial recordings of the podcast but cut us some slack and try to remember that we will most likely be half cut by the time the microphones get turned on.
Podcast subscription is now available on iTunes.



No Police Escort – Bold but Risky

News broke earlier today that Sunderland fans arriving in Newcastle city centre on December 21st to attend the Tyne/Wear derby will NOT be escorted to the ground by Northumbria Police.

The usual strong Police presence that normally floods the streets of Tyneside separating rivals fans from each other with a human barricade will be taking a back seat with escorting duties and letting fans walk up to St James Park together.

To say Newcastle and Sunderland fans are at constant logger heads is a ridiculous myth, coming from and growing up in South Tyneside a lot of my close friends and even relatives are “Mackems” and I’ve even watched a handful of derbies amongst a mixture of both sets of fans and not once have I spotted any serious disagreements or violence. But the atmosphere in a pub outside of the city centre isn’t in the same league as the atmosphere in and around the ground and I fear that this decision from Northumbria police is a huge mistake and is only inviting trouble.


The police are trying to use the “festive spirit” and recent fundraising from Sunderland fans ( MH17 – John & Liam ) as a motive for a “peaceful” derby. Which is all well and good but this isn’t the Merseyside derby, nothing like it. We don’t walk side by side , hand by hand on match days, we don’t buy half-half scarves, we don’t sit by someone wearing the rivals colours inside the ground, all connections and ties to opposition fans are put on hold until the day ends.

Having said that I don’t think that there’d be many fans from either side that would want a “violent” derby, we love this derby, we are proud of the historic rivalry that we have with our neighbours and I wouldn’t change a thing about the way most fans conduct themselves on match day. It’s no surprise that every club has it’s very own set of immature fans that would be more than happy to cause aggravation and make a nuisance of themselves on match day which is why I feel that the escort is essential.
It adds to the whole atmosphere, watching the rivals walking up towards the ground is one of the highlights of the day, chants from both fans echoing down the closed off main roads are spine chilling and it definitely sets a bench mark of intensity as you enter SJP to cheer on your team to win bragging rights until the next meeting.

I’m proud of this derby, I’m proud of this rivalry, but the main priority is to keep both sets of fans safe from idiots.


Tim Krul – Sidelined

A training ground injury is set to rule Newcastle’s shot stopper Tim Krul out for up to a month, just in time for the busy Winter schedule.

Newcastle’s defence has been on top form over the last 6 games, conceding just once in all six wins and hopefully Rob Elliot can step in to upkeep United’s solid defensive record.


Elliot last featured for Newcastle in a historic 0-2 win over Manchester City which resulted in the premier league Champions being knocked out of the League Cup.

The Irishman is set to face teams including West Ham, Chelsea, Arsenal and Sunderland in Krul’s absence over the next month.


NUFC – Injury Update

At the point of Ryan Taylor’s withdrawal against Queen Park Rangers, Newcastle United had 12 players missing. R Taylor joined S Taylor along with Abeid, Riviere, Coloccini, Aarons, Obertan, Tiote, de Jong, Santon, Good and Jonas on the list.

News from Pardew’s press conference ahead of the weekend trip to West Ham is that players are starting to return to training.

Considering the lengthy list it is a testament to the players and the manager that we have managed to win six games on the spin in all competitions.

Coloccini, Tiote, Steven Taylor and Riviere are all in with a chance of playing a part on Saturday- the question is, should they?

Coloccini as captain and in excellent form before missing last weeks game should come back in. He is the best defender at the club.

Steven Taylor played well before his injury but Dummett’s form at centre back means that Taylor will probably be back on bench duty at the weekend.

If it weren’t for the injury Abeid suffered on international duty Tiote would not be walking back in to the team. I would even suggest that if Raylor had not been injured Tiote wouldn’t be straight back in.

Riviere started the season as the club’s first choice striker but in his absence, Cissé and in particular Ayoze have performed brilliantly and have seen the Frenchmen drop down the pecking order.

When a club is on a run of form as good as Newcastle United at the moment players have to earn their places in the team; be it through appearances as subs or taking advantage of injuries and suspensions like those players who have stepped up during the last six or seven weeks. You can’t have enough good footballers at the club though and this new found depth can only be a positive for the busy winter period.



Sober Trip To West Ham

Newcastle face a trip to the Capital this weekend to face Ex NUFC manager, Sam Allardyce’s West Ham United, but those travelling fans expecting to have an alcoholic drink will be disappointed to find out that East Coast Rail have slapped an alcohol ban on their trains leaving Tyneside for London.

Troubled sparked between both sets of fans during the “Schalke Cup” pre season tournament where both English clubs were competing over in Germany.
Local police arrested 21 West Ham and Newcastle United supporters after verbal arguments led to violent clashes in Dusseldorf’s old town resulting in 100 police officers being deployed to the area to calm matters.


Later in the Tournament both sets of supporters clashed once again as Newcastle fans were pinned into the away stands as a section of West Ham “hooligans” burst through an exit door approaching NUFC fans in an aggressive manner. This time the travelling toon fans didn’t retaliate and left security and police officers to resolve the situation.


Now it seems that Newcastle fans are being targeted by the British Authorities despite them not really giving two flying f*cks about West Ham or their fans.
Alcohol will not be permitted on the trip down to London, and the same rule applies inside Upton Park.
Let’s face it, we don’t really need to get absolutely hammered every away game to enjoy ourselves but if I wanted to unwind and have a drink along with friends after a hard week at work I should be able to.

The chances of trouble reigniting between both sets of fans on Saturday was always slim to none but now I fear that the Police and East Coast have only added fuel to the fire which had long gone out.

“You want some? We’ll give it ya”