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With the popularity of GallowgateShots growing on social media and via .com we are ecstatic to announce that we are in the final stages of preparation with the launch of
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The live cast will have a set day/time each week in which we’ll be broadcasting this new platform for NUFC fans to voice their opinions on all things Newcastle United and football related.
Listeners will be able to join in with phone ins, video analysis of games, live online polls, social media discussions and much more. The show will allow fans to be a  part of the live cast by giving all listeners the chance to have their say via phone, text, email, twitter and Facebook.

We welcome you all to join us on this exciting journey and be a part of the new show.

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Producer – @TuffyNCL


The Expectation Myth

Whenever there’s a period of unrest at Newcastle United, it’s only a matter of time before the finger of blame starts being thrust in the direction of the club’s supporters.

It has become a widely-accepted ‘fact’ in some quarters that United fans simply expect too much.

It’s a view mostly held by supporters of opposition clubs, as well as many London-based journalists working for the national press.

The attitude became tiresome years ago, and remains as untrue now as it has always been.

The vast majority of Newcastle fans are deeply unsatisfied with the state their club is in at the moment.

It runs much deeper than simply the mistrust, dislike and unhappiness towards Alan Pardew’s management of the club, but he is the man feeling the heat.

The ire of supporters is being directed firmly in his direction, and rightly so.

Pardew and Newcastle have been on a slippery slope for two years, so it is wrong to suggest the negativity towards him is a knee-jerk reaction based solely on a poor start to the season.

The calendar year so far has been an awful one for supporters, and it’s hard to think of another set of fans in the land who would accept such a dreadful run.

Pitiful performances have been an almost weekly occurrence – both at St James’s Park and in away games.

Among the ‘highlights’ of 2014 so far have included 4-0 losses to Tottenham, Southampton (twice), David Moyes’ Manchester United, and 3-0 defeats to Sunderland, Chelsea, Everton and Arsenal.

In 24 games in all competitions so far this year, Newcastle have lost 16 times and won just five.

That is relegation form, and simply unacceptable for a club of United’s size.

It’s not unrealistic of fans to demand a whole lot better, so it has been frustrating yet again to see the attitude of so many this week that too much is being expected of Pardew.

The problems at Newcastle run deep, and go much further than the manager.

However, the relationship between Pardew and the club’s supporters appears irreparable.

Fans have grown tired of his methods, antics and public utterances.

The reaction towards him at St James’s Park against Hull City on Saturday is likely to be as vitriolic – in fact, possibly more – than it was against Cardiff City on a deeply troubling day for Newcastle in May.

That afternoon, Pardew did not even feel able to step out of his dugout for fear the reaction from the stands would affect his team.

Again, though, the supporters cannot be blamed for their attitude towards Pardew.

They are not expecting Champions League football, or even a charge for the Europa League.

All they want is some ambition, enterprising football and the feeling the manager is getting the maximum he can out of the players.

If fans did have lofty aims, such as qualifying for the Champions League, the only man to blame for those expectations would be Pardew.

After all, this is the man who said two months ago: “We’ve pitched in and signed some players that we think give us a chance to qualify for the Champions League.”

When Pardew came out with that gem, the reaction of most fans was to scoff him.

His sentiments certainly weren’t echoed on the terraces, who could see the bones of a decent team being put together after the last one was slowly ripped apart.

Newcastle’s squad now looks extremely weak after a poor end to the transfer window, with question marks hanging over most of the summer recruits Pardew tipped to propel them towards the top four.

So who is being unrealistic here? Is it the fans, or Pardew?

Of course, there will be some who continue with their misconception about Newcastle’s supporters, and those dated and lazy opinions will most likely be trotted out whenever Pardew does leave St James’s Park.

It will be argued that he had an impossible job satisfying the expectations of United fans, like all those who went before him.

However, it’s simply untrue, and the support is completely right to expect a whole lot better than they are being delivered at present.

The blame needs to be pointed at the players, too, who do not appear to have the fight required at present.

It’s too simplistic to lay that all at Pardew’s door. Experienced professionals should give everything they have got in every game, regardless of what they think of the manager.

It’s Pardew who is in the firing line, though, and because of the way things have gone over the last two years, he can have few complaints.

2014, so far, has been one of the worst years in recent memory for Newcastle, and the evidence of the first four games of this season suggests a relegation battle could be on the cards.

Should a club of Newcastle’s stature, with regular attendances of 50,000+, ever be in a situation like that?

Should they ever feel like a 4-0 defeat at Southampton is acceptable, never mind two maulings at the hands of two different Saints teams in the space of a few months?

No. They deserve so, so much better, and they have a right to expect it, too.

They deserve a committed team with a manager who looks capable of extracting the maximum out of them and taking the club forward.

That not asking too much, is it?


Southampton – The Circus Arrives

Another weekend, another defeat to nil. It is now a return of 18 points from the last 69 available- surely nobody can defend that?

A 4-0 defeat is what I witnessed down the South coast on Saturday. I will not go into much detail of what happened on the pitch as it is just grim, so here is a quick summary. We could have, and probably should have, been 1-0 down after 20 seconds when the hapless Coloccini played a horrendous pass back to Krul and Long nearly punished them. It did not take long for Southampton to take the lead with Pelle heading in after six minutes. Pelle got his second after a defensive howler from Williamson fifteen minutes later. In his pre-match press conference Pardew mentioned that they knew a lot about the former Feyenoord man; clearly they had not bothered to learn how to deal with him. After the break, Cork made it three with the help of another defensive error. In added time, and after thirty-something passes, Schneiderlin scored the goal of the game curling the ball past Krul. 4-0 was kind on us, especially when Krul should have given away a penalty in the first half. Yes, Sissoko, Riviere and Colback had chances but there is no need to go into depth on them as a big zero was sat next to the name Newcastle United yet again.

It was a pathetic display. Coloccini and Williamson have partnered each other in the heart of the defence since 2010; it looked like they had never met each other never mind played together before. The constant use of this 4-2-3-1 formation is not working either, the gap between the midfield and the lone striker grows wider; I am not sure if Riviere has even had a shot on target so far this season. Cabella was anonymous. Tiote entered the fray at half time, surely it would have been better to start with your best team instead of bringing on the vice-captain when the game was over? If he is fit to play 45 minutes then playing him from the beginning would have worked better to try to get off to a good start as he is hardly going to change the game at 2-0 down but I guess Pardew was looking at damage limitation in the second half instead of attempting to get back into the game.

Pardew once again pointed to the supporters when looking for an excuse for such a lethargic display. Defeats hurt but being told that us the fans are at fault makes it hurt even more. I must have missed being told that it was our responsibility to take training, form a game plan and pick the team..

The atmosphere in the away end was poisonous towards the inept manager who was glued to his seat in the away team dugout. I did not witness what happened with John Carver in the warm up but he allegedly had a go at fans for unveiling an anti-Pardew banner; at the time of writing there had yet to be an apology issued by the assistant manager. Banners appeared throughout the game whilst Pardew’s head was called for from the 2,500 strong away following. At one point the supporters asked for the manager to show his face instead of hiding behind his backroom staff; of course this came to no avail as Alan Pardew is a coward of a man who should be long gone from working at this football club.

It has gone beyond the point of no return with the manager and supporters; I would argue with the players and manager too as Saturday’s performance was not a one off. Many of Pardew’s sympathisers in the national press do not get that this fury is not based on the opening four games; it stretches back much further. I am sick of being told that we expect too much. If expecting more than five wins since Boxing Day and to see a team actually bother to put up a fight instead of losing 42% of our games since February three or four nil then I give up.

We currently sit bottom of the table with Hull City up next at St James’ Park. Unfortunately the change needed in management and coaching staff looks to be no closer. Mike Ashley should really remove Pardew from what he is about to face on Saturday. A storm is brewing like no other in the lead up to the game; if you thought Cardiff City at home was bad in May this will to be worse. If he does not leave we will be relegated, he needs to leave before the damage he is inflicting becomes irreparable.

Krul 3; Janmaat 3, Coloccini 0, Williamson 0, Haidara 3; Colback 5, Anita 3 (Tiote 4); Cabella 3 (Perez), Sissoko 4 (Ameobi), Gouffran 3; Riviere 3
Pardew: -100000


Nolan’s Homecoming

It’s finally here, after 14 weeks long weeks I can finally announce that my son Nolan has made it home.

As many of you will already be aware after reading “Nolan’s Story” or by following my twitter account, that myself and my fiancé have been spending the last 14 weeks living in Newcastle’s RVI hospital ( and a fortnight in Leeds General ).

Nolan has been progressing unbelievably well over the last few weeks, faster than any of us including the doctors and consultants could of possibly imagined.

I woke up to a phone call off Sammi earlier this morning to say that after a long emotional 3 and a half month that Nolan was finally well enough to be discharged from hospital.

I’d just like to show my appreciation towards every single person who has followed Nolan’s Story from day one, the support we have recieved from family, friends and even total strangers has been overwhelming and we wouldn’t of been able to cope without the support we have received.

We have learnt one crucial thing throughout this journey and it is to Never take anything for granted and to try and be positive during any difficult obstacle that life throws at you.

During our time in the RVI we have made some friends for life in the nurses who have taken care of our son, and we can honestly say that the work they do is second to none.

Once again thank you so much for your kind messages and generosity throughout.


Kris, Sammi and Nolan.



Alan Pardew – Analysis

Being allowed to imagine what could be if we have the right people in charge, playing an exciting way is the very minimum that a football fan should expect. Alan Pardew, unfortunately the man tasked with managing Newcastle United at this moment in time, does not allow us to dream like he predecessors have. Constantly bigging up the opposition to sound like Real Madrid and Barcelona despite them being teams sitting 15th in the Premier League, for example.

The dropping of expectations is all part of Pardew’s self-preservation of his own job. What I mean by self-preservation is that he is going into each week with the sole purpose of hanging on to his job. Now let’s face it, he is not going to get a job better than this one (as arrogant as this may sound) so you cannot really blame him for wanting to stay in the job but in a way it is doing the club more harm than good in my opinion. Going for the bare minimum of tenth place last season definitely played its part in the torrid run of form since Boxing Day and he even admitted he could not motivate the players but he was determined to get the top ten spot sewn up for the sake of his own job.

Looking at the four games gone so far this season; I can once again see that self-preservation of Alan Pardew’s job is top of his agenda. Fair enough I was not expecting anything from Manchester City, but Aston Villa away a game that we dominated he decided not to go with two strikers when he made his substitutions almost as if he was settling for a draw with the target of three points the following week at home against Crystal Palace. That of course failed but, instead of holding his hands up and saying he got it wrong when the smallest man on the pitch was marking one of the tallest, the fans were to blame for going wild when we took the lead. Football crowds make a noise when goals are scored and if he and the players cannot deal with it they should not be involved with a club that has a ground that can hold 52,000 people. Gillingham away in the cup was sandwiched in between Villa and Palace; it is the only game that has resulted in victory thus far but it does seem that once we took the lead we coasted through the game rather than build towards something that could help in future weeks, maybe try to get new signing Emmanuel Riviere a goal but the manager was satisfied with 1-0. (I am happy we won before anyone comments!)

The last day of the transfer window further underlined that it is all about the self-preservation of Pardew’s job. Out the door went Mapou Yanga-Mbiwa, it has since been reported that there had been a breakdown in relationship between the manager and centre back. Hatem Ben Arfa was also pushed out the club, it has been well documented there has been a problem there between them with the player having been exiled to reserves. So despite, a need for a new centre back and a lack of goals in the team those two players left to further strengthen the manager’s grip on his job.

Pardew’s gamble of shipping out Ben Arfa has already backfired with the news of Siem de Jong’s injury. The team is a suspension or injury away in the centre back department from a crisis as well. It’s got the feel that the walls are about to cave in on the manager. Fans are not happy and haven’t been for some time. It’s about to boil over like it did in the final home game of last season and with reports that Pardew has two games to save his job the end could be nigh. The longer this self-preservation goes on the more damage I fear will be done to the club.